Sunday, 13 June 2010

Fit for france

An excellent morning ride mapped out by James taking
us through Eccleshall, Maer, Ashley, Cheswardine and 
back home via 'The Bell' in Eccleshall.  Averaged around
12.8 mph. 

James looks into the future - not the near future hopefully  -
at the top of a churchyard in Maer.  Apparently Darwin
was married there.  How odd that the missing Welsh link
should turn up 150 years later. Shortly afterwards, we
tried swapping bikes for a bit, which was fine until James
tried to get onto Jeff's.  He had to ride side saddle almost
due to his Ernie Wise-esque legs.

Much needed tea and cereal bars (James always has
fancy organic ones) at a pub in Cheswardine.

Well, not quite, 4 weeks to go, getting on for optimium
 fitness - 50 miles today. Sent from my BlackBerry®
wireless device