Thursday, 21 June 2012

Always look on the bright side of life and whistle

I suppose I over reacted a bit a disaster would be a broken limb, at least I'm healthy and have had the ability to go looking for a bike. Imagine being laid up with a big world waiting for me to see.
The night before the theft Id been talking to two Turkish fellows from Istanbul, they were here in Sweden to learn English, now I know perhaps England might have been a better choice, but they had heard that the locals speak very good English and also the women looked better than the English and the chance to try out their new words would be a good conversation starter No comment there. Later that evening we were doing our best to converse along with a danish and American guy and sooner enough we got around to talking about my travels. We got onto the subject of at least Ive got here  and that imagine if you'd crashed into a car on your first day,and capput how annoyed you'd be. That's if you were a believer and were looking down from the heavens. At least Ive got to here and what a great time id had in the last two weeks so if anything happened now id be content.
The next morning I went for my continental breakfast and to join my fellow Turks, i wished them a morning and got a grunt, perhaps that's the Turkish way. They were strange that morning and were not interested  in their English lesson, but then i am lacking the good looks of a Swedish woman! However they were engrossed in a heated conversation  with another i believe Turkish fellow. I washed up my dishes and prepared for a day of sightseeing on my trusty steed. I wandered down to where i had tethered my steed and all that was left was the tether, my steed had gone a wandering. its not a nice feeling, and i was annoyed and frustrated that now i had another decision to make, should i stay or should i go.
I had to stay or in reality i needed to go on with my travels the thought of going back did cross my mind but the temptation of the journey ahead was so much grater. So I set the task to sort out a new steed. Easier said than done. The city is full of bikes like most cities its the cheapest fastest and in good weather the coolest way to get around a city. But as i visited each bike shop i was taken back that sorry we don't sell touring bikes just city bikes. Weird but  if i think back to the last two weeks the tourer is a rare breed in these parts.Secondly was I can get you one but in a few days how much around 30,000 kroners, divide it by ten, that's an expensive bike, my wandering steed only set me back 500 pounds! So second hand bikes, go to the Internet he said you will find your old bike their soon, there is only one such shop in Stockholm otherwise and that is where i headed. At least i was getting to see the city. and that is where I found my new companion not a tourer  but it had the ability to be adapted and that is what Ive done.I had to get new racks water carriers speedo and i ended up with a bill for 4600 kroners. But I do now have the ability to go on. She handles well she has no fancy gear levers or brakes she has twist bar changers  and she does come with a rusty bell, it will however not replace my lost bell my daughter gave me for my journey. But she will do and she handles OK  and equipped with her new accessories she will do OK, and  now for me and no doubt her for the fist time, we  shall leave this city together to Finland and beyond
The younger of the Turks that night was in a foul mood he was enjoying the last few drops of a bottle of whisky and had decided that the world was his enemy. His vocal abuse had frightened off the other hostelers and was ready for an argument, and i was in the line for it, with the main vocabulary in his native tongue mixed with the words of, your the problem, and i will fix you he threw his empty bottle at me and staggered out of the room his friend, a 65 year old engineer all his life, apologised and went after him, a few seconds later a huge crash, and he had now somehow smashed a window, and was throwing weirdly bits of bread at the walls and the night staff a young girl was horrified I grabbed hold of him and with the help of his friend we threw him in a cold shower. He came out crying sorry sorry I just come here to learn English get a good job its so hard.
Life is one big adventure
PS  thanks for all your kind words here's a pic of my new steed and my fellow Turks and Stockholm