Wednesday, 8 August 2012


So to Vienna we investigated, we saw the homes of  kings princes, the government and its subjects. The city is truly beautiful and sharing it with my daughter made it even better. We walked some miles we had a beer on  'a beach' by the donau deckchairs errected without any problem. We were offered dinner by a tout if we bought an opera ticket! we settled for a free outdoor performance of the opera in the park, we had lunch in the gardens of kings and ate delicous ice cream fit for my princess. We snuck into a gallery without paying and we sat and watched the world go by. Its been great  and  tomorrow she returns home and i head south to Greece. Ill miss her but its been great to see her she makes me smile and laugh and im a lucky dad.

Love is in the Air

I went to the airport to meet my daughter, she'd flown in to vienna to see her dad and of course the city. For all of you that have gone to the airport the arival lounge is a fantastic place for watching people greeting their loved ones. Everyone is watching patiently at the big screen for the moment the plane touches down, then the waiting starts again for the arrival doors to open, and out should come their visitor.  My daughters plane is running 30 min late so i spend the time watching the moment of joy that pours out when that connection is made. It makes no difference what age group nationality or sex that showing of affection is immense. if you could bottle that moment up and use it as medication, im sure it has the power to do so much healing. So if you feel like a tonic go to the arivals lounge. So i wait and wait and everyone but lauren comes through the door, and then she doors open and there she is i rush forward hell to security and give her the biggest hug in the world a 8 week,12 country and a few miles big hug, i am so happy. we talk like kids and i have a big smile we have a lot to catch up on and i feel sorry for her friend who has come with her so she must fel a bit left out. I lead her into the city to her hostel and wait for her to book in. we then go a walking into vienna, i become a dad and am very concious of all the dangers my little girl  could come too. we walk and talk and walk and talk and hug and hug its 2 in the morning when i drop her back in the hostel. I love my little girl, for the next few days its going to be great im really going to soak her all up, because in  a few days time we will go different ways and that will be hard to say good bye but if there is one thing ive learnt from this trip, is to live and enjoy the moment when its there.