Sunday, 22 July 2012

Germany did i mention the war

So i hit dresden (as the british do) with a bang at 6am and considering the city got one hell of a beating in '45 the city has done a fantastic job at restoring the old buildings to its former glory, atcthat time of morning the city was quiet, no tourists except for me . the road in had been a cycle path tarmacced by the river all the way in, great job. I left within an hour and continued with the wind behind me and i was travelling along at 22 mph. By lunchtime i looked at my speedo and i had clocked 127 miles by 4 pm 'id done 165 miles and i felt fine. I hit the town of eufart at 6 had some food and my speedo had clocked 194 miles. Then as i tried to set off again my body gave in, the wind changed into my face and even thoughthe road was flat it was like going up a mountain. I headed towards my destination of wanderslebean where i was going to meet and stay with a german family i'd met at my sisters in spring. I arived late evening stuggling to stay upright, i recived a great welcome with beer and great food my speedo clocked 214.7 miles. I sleep like a log.
The next morning my body feels suprisingly ok but at breakfast i eat like a pig and i realise ive been on the road for to long and so have my manners. Judith theperfect host thinks nothing of it and keeps supplying me with food and coffee. That evening i'm invited to a birthday party, where they sing happy birthday in english because in german they say sounds terible they show me it does. I demonstrate it in welsh they prefer english. im greeted by uncles aunts cousins, grandmothers and grandfathers with much affection. They are a lovely friendly people and after a few beers they ask me how do i like germany. I take a breath and say ' this is difficult for me to say and im not sure if i should say this as to the reaction ill get , but i wasn't sure if wanted to come to germany, before the czech republic i was in in poland and went to Auswicz'.  It goes quiet and they shake their heads and look sad, i continue, after leaving there i didnt want to come here because i hated germany, but i'm glad i have because i realise that it was the nazis that did this terrible thing, it's your past, but here you have greeted me with much friendship that i'm glad i've come. its awkward for a while and the fun has gone, we drink more beer some of them have been too and they said they wept. perhaps i shouldnt have said anything. this group of people have been so kind to me.

The next evening i'm invited to visit caro's brother i've never met him before, caro his sister i have and she has asked me to visit him. He arrives on his bike and we cycle off to his friends barbecue, i have a great time, such a welcome from his friends to a complete stranger. caro you were right your brother is a cool brother. The next morning i wake up with a hangover the beer was good the vodka too. I go to Stuttgart today to meet chris.  I'm going on the train, judiths boyfiend kail takes me to the station in his pick-up. he's even worked out the times for me.. Judith and kail see me on the station such lovely people youve been very kind, and judith's son henry 10 yrs old with a great smile. Louis the older son took me for a great walk into the country. great walk good luck louis have a good summer.