Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Warszawa. The people and the politics.

No matter what town ,city or even village you go to the people always want to tell you a story. This evening I had in Warsaw was one of those. Ealier in the day I was walking the walk when i passed one of the main government buildings in the city there was a group of polish clad people with flags pics and candles made into the shape of a cross. There also was armed soldiers and  armed police and strangly for me I carried on walking. I was heading to see the tomb of the unknown soldier guarded by the national guard and so mind was on that. on my way i passed a very grand hotel,outside it must have been  100 tv camera men reporters and technicians, so something had happend that makes sense with the earlier sighting, but still I carried on walking. I got to the tomb and observed for a while behind the tomb the children were having a great time cooling down in the fountains from the 37c heat. I sat on the bench and watched them having a great time whileI had a lunch of  bread tuna paste and melon. I retreated later to the hostel and slept for 4 hrs in the late afternoon. I think with the heat the languages of 7 countries the politcs and of course the miles ive covered were taking its toll on my body and my mind. I wonder if travellers suffer from this, my lack of understanding the language is the biggest bind and imsure that my mind is in overload trying to make sense of it all. The rest bite it gets is when I talk to the younger generation with their great english. I felt better after a sleep and decided to go and find out what all the news was about from earlier. I ventured down to the cross of candles and approached a man holding onto a banner with pics on it. He knew no english but his companion did, as i listened a large policia precence was gathering around listening in, the companion told me of the murder of the presidant and his twin and cabinet 2 years ago in a plane crash,over Russia, the new government according to him 'was hiding the truth and calling it an accident,how could it be an accident there had been independent scientists look at the crash and he wrote a report saying it wasn't an accident but now the man who did the report was found murdered at his desk. Its a plot to hide the truth just like your princess diana'  All I needed to do was to listen and with the help of doccuments and photos he explained why when and how. So for every month on same day the 'murder' happend they come to here and protest and the policia come to freighten them, but they wont have it and will still continue their fight and that is a good thing at least for the last 2 years they have been allowed to do this 30 years ago or even less they would have been carted away!  Later on I bumped into  canadian from the hostel and he invited me to see the other Warsaw on a pub crawl, it sounded a good idea, it was an organised event if ever pub crawl are. We met up at the fountain with the leader  and 2 sweedish lads and 20 american graduates, and we visited some great underground  pubs, here i found out what all the cameras were up to outside the hotel, very important Poland has a new football manager, funny how that attracts the cameras and not the demonstraters, looking for answers for their dead presidant. I guess it all becomes old news after a while!

Mr Lions Holiday pics

I do let the fellow out and so to show  him in his full glory I have put together  a collection of him in the last 4 weeks