Saturday, 11 August 2012

The next bit

After leaving lauren in vienna to catch her flight home i head back on the Donau towards Bratislavia,its 1230 and hot. Chris and i did this stretch a week ago so its all familiar the wind is behind me and im cruising along at 25 mph. Im very thoughtful of my next step of the journey, and with mixed emotions of lauren and my time with chis the last 2 weeks. Im alone again and it feels strange just like the first few days in Norway and so im reflecting as im going along. Ive stopped for a'break and im studying my europe map, ive realised wht a huge detour i did when i went west from warsaw to prague, dresden to chris and back east with chis to vienna. In that period of time ive probably added another1500 miles onto my journey where ive id gone south at warsaw to here about 200 miles, i hasten to add that i use my finger as a mileage guessar, the lengh of my index finger is about 150 miles on my europe map.
Im not bothered about the miles the journey through cheue republic and germany and meeting up with chis and lauren was more than worth it.
So im sitting working this all out and have decided to draw a stright line from Bratislavia to Athens and that will be my rout, its some 1200 miles and so i should be in Greece in 10 days or less, and im getting excited about, yes im alone but im not phased about that. I m looking forward to the challenge of navigating my way through to Greece, and very excited.