Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hard 50-ish miler for Mike

Well, 49 to be truthful, but if I'd known that when I got home in time for Germany vs Spain I'd have done another mile. Stone to Newcastle College then in the afternoon off to Market Drayton via Silverdale, Keele, and the village where Puff used to live, Onelley(?). Hard climb up 'Barr Hill'
before flattening out to Woore. Coffee and biscuits at Jane's folks and then back home via Cheswardine and Eccleshall.

My Chiropractor, Dr Rob - who gave me the 'back crack' yesterday - seems to have done the trick.

1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can remember when it was last year and it was just a dream, and now with a week to go the dream is becoming very much a reality. So here is an update with where we are up to.

1. Fitness levels. At this moment, fingers crossed we're are all pretty much physically fit, over the last few months we've managed to get some big miles done in the saddle but recently due to work and family commitments we have had to individually train on our own over the last few weeks. I think the main thing we agree on is that its been important to try and get in the saddle as much as possible even if its for just an hour cycling to and from work. it keeps the leg muscles fit and even more important it hardens up the old butt!!

2. Travel arrangements. Jeff's good wife will take us down to the ferry on Wed 14th July to Southampton. We catch the overnight ferry to St Marlo and arrive in France at about 8 in the morning. We spend the first day cycling to our campsite just outside Rennes. Here we will pitch our tents and undo our self inflating mattresses(25mm fully inflated) and cook ourselves a fine meal with our 2 single burner stoves and local food from the fine Frenchman. We continue all the way down to the Mediterranean to our destination at Perpignan some 10 days later. Jeff will meet up with his family down there for a well earned break where upon mike and myself will go across the border to visit Spain for the day. The next day We catch the train to Toulouse, then the overnight train to Paris. A day taking in the sites and then the train to London (£41.00 each via euro star)Then the final train back to Stoke on Trent Station (£10.00 each)
3.Travel equipment. Maps, passports, ehic cards, euros, train and ferry tickets, phones, cameras, chargers. 3 bikes in good working order, fitted with rear and front panniers,lights for bikes. 2 water bottles min, 1 bike pump, 2 inner tubes, 1puncture kit, 1 set of bike tools, oil cleaner/ disposable gloves,bike oil, strong masking tape. 2 tents, 3 sleeping bags and a waterproof cover,3 travel mats, 3 inflating pillows, 2 camping stoves and 2 lighters, set of lightweight cooking pans, cup,spoon knife fork, cork screw, can opener, bottle opener, swiss army knife would do for this! and something to eat off,pan scourer. Sun block,Insect repellent, first aid kit, saddle sore cream!!
4.Clothing. 3 Inner Cycling shorts or Y fronts/ boxers 2 outer shorts(1 waterproof) waterproof coat,Bike shoes, lightweight sandals, 3 pr socks, 3 t shirts 1 long t shirt, helmet, sun glasses.