Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Canada ready and waiting

The Captain says Welcome aboard West Jet,  in a very relaxed manner which I find reassuring, you don't need a highly strung captain taking to the air with 300 people on board He follows this with something which puts a smile on my face as well as questioning how relaxed West Jet are. " we'll be taking off in  a few minutes once we finish off  putting the aircraft together" That's quite a mixed bag of information and I think of the ground crew with some bits of plane on the floor and a diagram.
 The journey itself is long nearly 10 hrs and it takes us from London, over Scotland, Iceland, Greenland Hudon Bay and over the amazing Rockies into Vancouver. I have to admit the Rockies are much bigger than I thought they would be, even from up 30,000 feet and they look amazing. So looking forward to meeting them at ground level.

I get a taxi from the airport as I don't fancy carting my bike bag across town it's so heavy. It has everything in there all the camping stuff and clothes not that there are many clothes the usual 3 of everything. It cost me £15.00 to get it all flown in, that's cheap.
Then into the hotel room and reassemble the bike, it's always a relief when nothings broken.
As the adrenaline wears off I start to get tired its only 5 in the afternoon but back home its 1 in the morning, I need to stay awake as long as I  can, so I head out to try the bike out explore and find some food. The bike works fine and I find myself at a  Canadian Diner and Carb up and drink some ok Canadian Pale Ales. Sitting here watching all going on is like being in a film the waitress is very friendly and there's a lot of 'Sir' and politeness, I do have Pancakes and Maple syrup for pudding.
As I knock back my second beer the tiredness hits me, its only 830 pm but home time is 430 am. Time to sleep I think, really looking forward to tomorrow.