Saturday, 9 June 2012

Mountains,tunnels,sunshine and snow

Bergen Northeimsund,Jondal Utne 74 miles today was all about hill climbing not for you mr k not that you couldnt it would just give you the willies. So lots of climbing from sea level to about 800 metres through tunnelsin mountains that when your cycling through the echo you get from the cars sounds like theirs a jet engine behind you very scarry some of the tunnels are short others are about 20 min long. Its been hot today and the coolness of the tunnels give you a welcome break from it and if that doesnt do it then the snow at the top of the hills will at the top your within 50 metres of it.truly staggering scenery its sctland highlands x 10 i love it here. Today i drank at least 4 bottles of water and filled my water bottles from the waterfalls tastes amazing and for free, no stomach problems so it must be ok. No hot food today the gas cannister and connector dont match so on my shopping list today with sun cream and insect repellent, midges were bad last night which was my first night of camping it rough next to a fjord tomorrow i catch a ferry acroos to kinsovic which is the start of the big big hills ive been told that the rivers are still frozen up there not sure how far ill get i was planning Goll but ive been told its to hilly and i might get stuck out in the middle of no where.