Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Donau trail

So chris and i have safely arrived in Vienna with just a few scratches and bumps, the perils of cycling with me. Its been a fun two weeks for us even though the burning 32 -38 c heat has made us drink copus amounts of liquids! if the body has asked for it we listen to it.On the trail we have seen all sorts of wildlife in animal and human form. One of the most intersting sites has been of the bevarians they do like to don their national costume, the girls in their pretty dreses and the boys in their leather shorts and both chis and i had trouble one day deciding the sex of one very hairy beer swigging high pitched, large in all ways in a dress whatever it was chris managed to stop me from asking as  it passed us by while we ate our lunch in pasau,but at least it was happy in its costume.This might also be a warning of drinking to much of the bervarian beer made usualy by the monks. Or as its made by the monks, you get this transformation and you head for the churches and forgivness, filling the pews hence looking good on attendance figs for the big man.
We took a little day trip on the bikes to Slovakia and entered Bratislavia  chirs's 3rd Country my 12th. It was easy riding as we had no baggage all this was left back at the camp site  pretty little city with some interesting sculptures a good mix of old and new.