Thursday, 7 June 2012

Bergen here we are

I have arrived safely and so has Mr L. Bergen is very beautiful and yes there are some hills.Today was spent firstly getting the bike repaired after damage in flight which cost me nothing as I swapped my bike bag for his services, he even threw in a new derailer. All mended by 10am and then off for a cycle around the town as with all towns it has its good and bad sides

. Everything is expensive not just the Beer, you dont seem to buy anything for under a pound value. It seems that all imports are taxed heavy while the norweigan brands are cheeper, Trying to find fig rolls has become an impossible task, let alone malt loaf!! It seems strange without my previous fellow companions on this trip they would love it, but me thinks the hills would keep them awake. Ive tried to down load photos but their seems to be a problem but as soon as I can I will.On my way to Oslo tomorrow with a few hills inbetween.